Tallulah’s Bat Mitzvah – Fairfield, CT & New York, NY

Tallulah was lucky enough to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah in style – twice! First at her lovely service and brunch at the beautiful Patterson Club in Fairfield, CT and then aboard the Skyline Princess cruise ship, which took she and her friends on a fabulous cruise around New York City. Tallulah and her friends got to dance, eat and take copious amounts of photos (and selfies) while watching a gorgeous sunset and the lights of Manhattan – we even cruised right by the Statue of Liberty and underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Congrats to Tallulah and her family on a fun filled day!

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Ashley & Brandon – Milford Yacht Club Wedding – Milford, CT

“It’s a small world after all…” is a familiar refrain, but rarely is it so true as it is with the circumstances surrounding this wedding. Ashley was planning a small wedding and needed a photographer. She got to me through a friend of a friend – a fellow photographer who has since left the area but has been kind enough to refer clients to me. Through the magic of Facebook, Ashley and I figured out that our mothers and aunts were childhood neighbors and best friends. She and I had even met once, thirty-something years ago when we were both still in diapers.

It was a pleasure to get to be a part of Ashley’s special day with Brandon and see so many familiar faces at the reception (it turns out I graduated high school with one of her cousin’s, too! Small world continued!). Many congrats to Ashley, Brandon and their families on the joyous celebration of their marriage!

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