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Give the groom some love

Sometimes, wedding portraits can be a little bride-centric. C’mon, she’s got the pretty dress, the jewelry, it’s “her big day” that she’s dreamed about since she was a little girl… you know the drill. Sometimes, the groom can get a little tired of posing for photos. Sometimes, the groom just adds that little something “extra” […]

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A Lucky One

You know you are a lucky, lucky mom when you receive a gift wrapped like this: Containing a present like this: From a face like that (can you tell Daddy dressed her?) And, then, the ultimate luckiness, you get to end the day with your own mom. I’m a lucky one!

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Meet Sue & Alec

I know, I know, editing photos on Mother’s Day is not the best way to pass my day “off”… But, I couldn’t help but post a couple of images from Sue and Alec’s beautiful, sun kissed wedding yesterday on what the weather people called one of the most beautiful days of the year! More to […]

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